Website Design & Development

We use the latest and best practices in web design and development and offer beautiful front end designs coupled with robust backend technologies. Our technologies in a snapshot: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript & jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, MySQL, MongoDB,


Cloud providers offer a lot of services but it takes cloud expertise to be able to make sense of the complex capabilities offered. We can automate your deployment cycles, provision multiple environments for app developers and provision complex services across multiple cloud providers.

iPhone / Android Apps

The sky is the limit when it comes to apps. We work with the most creative and experienced app developers around. Show us a mobile application that you like and we can build exactly that for you. We'll help you strategize and plan and allow your business to conquer mobile.

UI / UX Design

Yes we can make it work great but what really distinguishes us is how good we can make it look. We provide the best UI experience whether it is your tablet, dekstop, browser or phone. Our UI designs are intuitive and sleek and makes the user stick to our application.


Our solutions are specially designed for optimum performance on a wide array of platforms. That means that our users get the best experience whether they are on their PC, Mac, Tablet or Touchpads! We are dedicated to providing the best quality.

Content Management System

Manage all of your website's content, plain and simple. Our custom built CMS provides you the tools and capabilities to update your website. We also provide state of the arts CMS systems for industry specific needs notable Health Care and Corporate Taxes.


Launch an online store or enhance your current products online. Organize your items into departments, allow your clients to chose different sizes and colors, and let your clients feel protected with our integrated secure checkout and payment systems.

Analytics & Hosting

We provide cheap, reliable hosting on our cloud based network and provide the best user and data analytics on your application. Enjoy 99.9% uptime on the same infrastructure that we host our own website and products on and understand your users better.

Mobile Websites & Optimization

Want a website that looks in a browser like a website, but looks on a phone like an app. With our UIX design and backend technology you can save on the costs of maintaing a website and an app by creating one product that seamlessly transitions between all.

Custom Development

If you think of it, Raj International can build it. We have worked with countless industries (healthcare, real estate, music blogs, media, to name a few) and provided solutions ranging from web technologies, Java and C++ developments, GUI frameworks and more.

SEM, SEO & Pay-Per-Click

You can build a great product but if Google and other search engines doen't list your application on its first page results, you won't gain traction. Our solutions search engine optimize your application enabling profit ROI's by using data driven predictive modeling.

Social Media Integration

Share your content with the world. Raj International provides you the tools to share your website's pages, news stories, and blog posts to all of your social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter are just the tip of the iceberg) with just one click.