Raj International,Inc. is a boutique, results driven software development company with over twenty-five years of experience in leading key software technology and enterprise application integration (EAI) projects in the US domestic and international markets. Raj International consists of a talented pool of technology experts with a well-balanced knowledge of complex architectures and platforms, full systems development life cycle (SDLC), and vendor management experience. The corporation is adept at working in fragmented business environments and proficient at rescuing faltering projects to meet corporate timelines and objectives. Raj International possesses broad strategic skills that extend beyond traditional IT operational boundaries including finance, contracting, project planning, and requirements definition.

MCI Telecommunications Inc.

MCI was an American telecommunications company that specialized in comprehensive telecommunications services, such as voice, data, video, internet , private networks etc.

Raj International was initially brought in to support MCI in 1987 to integrate and tie disparate hardware and software systems together in an age before internet and middleware. Over the years, MCI continued to use Raj International Inc. for a variety of challenges including but not limited to developing and enhancing MCI's internet offerings and developing an in-house middleware system capable of transporting more than a billion messages a week with very minimal error rates and at sub-second speeds per message.

Raj International acted as a highly successful and full IT partner over a twenty year period. Raj managed teams up to 300 people based in the United States, France and the United Kingdom. This position required interaction with the in-house and client management at the highest level over a sustained period of time through presentations, face-to-face meetings, constant reviews, and informal conferencing. Project delivery areas included:


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Washington DC.

FERC is a small government agency involved in enforcing Energy and Utility Federal Regulations for the US Government.

The FERC needed to implement an Enterprise Architecture program within their organization using the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) which would give them a clear idea of how efficient and effective their business processes were being supported by their technology processes. The client had gone through several Task Leaders(equivalent to Senior Project Managers in the private sector) but were unable to initiate defining the goals, objectives and processes that constituted an Enterprise Architecture effort. FERC required a company to 1) Define their Enterprise Architecture program, 2) Develop processes to accomplish a definition of their as-is Business and Technology Architecture, 3) Develop processes to orchestrate Business Process Re-engineering and Technology Process Re-engineering and define a to-be architecture, and 4) Develop a roadmap to transition from as-is to to-be architecture.

Raj International provided consulting services leading a group of Enterprise Architects and successfully interpreted FEAF for FERC to be able to define the program, define the processes required on the ground to conduct Enterprise Architecture and built a team for the client to accomplish their goals. Project delivery areas included:


Dulles Medical Center, Sterling VA USA

Dulles Medical Center is an enterprise focusing on delivering healthcare services to the private as well as to the public sector employees. It also has a Real Estate division which mainly deals with leasing but also in acquisitions and sales.

Dulles Medical Center had outsourced the development of their integrated Medical Services/Medical Records system to a third party vendor and was two years behind schedule, and two hundred thousand dollars over budget. The client urgently needed a technically competent company with experience in turning around projects, to guide and turn-around this effort. The client had depleted their budget and was under a severe time crunch and therefore, they needed a company that could optimize time and money in the most efficient manner, while still delivering a quality product.

Raj International assisted in quickly identifying key points of vulnerability and bottlenecks and went on to develop a project plan with requisite front loading of critical technology proofs of concepts. Raj provided services which entailed driving requirements analysis, handling technical Architecture, overseeing development, leading product delivery, testing, and quality assurance. Additional activities included leading development of Service Level Agreements (SLA), and handling project budgeting, estimating, and client management. Project delivery areas included: